I Love Basket Ball!

Basketball is a popular sports played all over the world. Its played in schools and even on the streets. The most prominent image of basketball is probably the famous, most talked about Michael Jordan. From outside the court, basketball looks fun and intense. For some reason it even looks easy, after-all it’s just shooting an orange ball through a net basket to score points. How hard could it be right? Not quite, other than shooting an orange ball through a basket to score points, several rules have to be obeyed, not to mention the skills required to maneuver the ball around the opposing team. So these are some key features in a basketball game that should be taken note of in addition of the several skills required for a player to master. A typical basketball game is played in 4 quarters of 10 or 12 minutes. Team exchange baskets for the second half. A team consists of 5 players on the field with substitutes on the bench.

The goal of a basketball game is to score as many points against the opposing team. Those familiar with basketball would know about 2 pointers and 3 pointers. These are the common term for calculating points given for each score. When the ball is shot from within the offensive zone, 2 points are awarded. When the ball is shot from outside of the offensive zone, 3 points are awarded. A free throw awards 1 point. There’s many techniques and strategies that a player or a team could implore to score points. The ball is usually shot by using a the set-shot and the jump-shot. A set shot is taken from a standing position with neither feet leaving the ground. A jump-shot as it is called, is a shot made while making a small stationary jump.

Another common technique is called the lay-up and the most crowd pleasing technique is the slam dunk. However, not every shot is guaranteed to go through the basket so its effective to hit the ball against the board and rebound it to regain control over the ball. Every team should have rebounding mastered hands down as it is the best way to regain control over the ball once it misses the ring. Not only that rebounding is useful to the offensive team, it’s useful for the defensive too in order to anticipate and catch the rebounds. Before we get the ball through the ring, we need to actually bring it into the opposing team’s offensive zone. The ball can be delivered by passing. A good pass is a pass that is difficult to be intercepted by the opposing team.

A team needs to be creative in passing in addition to having excellent teamwork and coordination. Another method to get the ball through is by dribbling. Commonly done by the small forward to cut through enemy lines. Mastery of passing and dribbling is essential to anyone looking to play a fun competitive basketball game. Now that we dealt with the rules and strategy of play, each player in a team need to be assigned a role. A role in a team depends on the physique and also the ability of the player. The center, is typically tall and capable to make accurate shots from close range on offense and protect the basket closely on defense. The power forward plays offensively bringing the ball into the enemy line or against the opposing team’s power forward. The small forward typically works with the power forward to cut through and score. The shooting guard plays as long range shooter and defend against opposing team’s shooting guard. Finally a point guard coordinates the team and maintaining control over the ball by making sure the ball gets to the right person at the right time.

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