How To play BasketBall

If you are a basketball player then it’s definitely very important to learn how to shoot basketball like a pro! In professional or collegiate leagues, the players who know how to shoot from a distance are the ones who get selected usually. Shooting like a pro requires a lot of hard work practice and training under proper guidance. Follow the below written steps and you will surely be a pro at shooting a basketball. Visit for more info

Focus on target
When shooting a basketball your eyes should always be focused on the target (rim). Locate the target as early as possible and do not loose focus. Proper stance and proper balance. Learning about the stance is the basic step and it is necessary to get the basics right. The legs serve as the main source of the required force to shoot the ball. Always stand with your feet at least shoulder width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent and your shooting foot should be slightly ahead of the non shooting foot. After you have developed a comfortable stance make sure to line up your feet the very same way for every shot you take. Keep your knees bent as it will give you more energy and you can be ready to shoot the ball as soon as you receive it.

Proper positioning of ball before shooting. The ball should be positioned a few inches above your wrist and as soon as you receive the ball move it to the shot pocket. Always make sure that your elbow is under the ball and not on the side of the ball. Practice catching the ball in your shooting pocket so that you are able to shoot faster.

shooting basketball.jpg

Correct Grip
When you are holding the ball, make sure that your fingers are spread. Position your shooting hand vertically against the seams of the ball and position your finger pads parallel to it. so that you can monitor back spin of the ball. Learn to spread fingers and balance the ball comfortably in one hand. Also leave some space in between the middle of your palm and the ball.

Supporting hand
Focus on the motion of your supporting hand also. Your supporting hand should be on the side of the ball and it should not add any force to your shot.

Delivery Motion
After learning about stance and grip it’s time for the most important step that is the delivery motion. Your motion defines everything


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